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Novella Alleandrea,

his Beloved by R.M.SIMONE'

The Book 'V" was the BRIDGE between them both and their Love.

She was heading off to Paris and then NYC for her family business but her cousin's birthday gift to her was hidden away into her carry on luggage.  

She was meant to find this 'gift' that would bring them back together now.


He too was being guided to find this Book "V" so he could find her now too.

She was reading her own 'Love Story' and was immersing into the pages of love again.

He was barely able to breathe as being guide to this Book made his world go upside down.


This is a sweet story to introduce you to Love, these Beautiful Characters and their Bridge to find each other. ALLEANDREA'S novella opens this door FOR THE READER TO discover this love story of TWINS.


Have you have felt guided to a book?  Or has someone given you something that was a KEY to open up something that was sitting there waiting for you to find it?  The Universe has amazing ways to work in our Lives.  


That Which we are SeeKing, is Seeking us. 

Lovers meet, lovers part, lovers find each other.


Warmly writing on, Roshandra


When Love walks in the Door of our Lives

or Finds itself coming to our Front Door 

We Open that Door and we Fall into the Arms of this Love


He told himself, 'Breathe, just Breathe... 

The wait is over. I thrilled to announce Novella ALLEANDREA, his Beloved by R.M.Simone" is now available ON LuLu  NOW...also on AMAZON.COM 'e book' for KINDLE or NOOK.  



July 17, 2013 at 9:05 AM

Jessica Petersen ( Regarding NOVELLA ALLEANDREA )

Every book you write I must own ! I mean it , the energy off the pages is unbelievable. It is beyond enchantment , I am literally savoring every word , too beautiful. I mean it ! I can visualize everything written in the story down to the detail ! I have a picture I'm going to send to you that reminds me of Alleandrea



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